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Lobster sliders   3 per                                                   $11.99                               Beer and Wine

Crab Sliders     3 per                                                     $9.99                                                   

Shrimp Cocktail (5 Jumbo)                                          $8.50                             On Tap     

                                                                                                                           PBR                              $2.00/7.00

Classic Caesar with Chicken                                        $5.99/$8.99                  Budlight                        $3.00/ 9.00                                 

Fancy Green Salad                                                        $6.99                            Gritty’s Vacation         $4.00/12.00

         w/Lobster                                                             $13.99                          Gritty’s RedClaw         $4.00/12.00

         w/Crabmeat                                                          $11.99

         w/Chicken Breast or Chicken Salad                    $9.99                             Bottles Beer Imported   $4.00

New England Clam Chowder cup or bowl                  $4.99/$6.49                   Corona                 Negra Modelo     

 Lobster Stew                                                                $8.99/$12.99                 Corona Light        Amstel Lt

Sandwiches                                                                                                        Heineken             Stella    


Classic Maine Lobster Roll           Large/XL                $14.99/17.99                 Bottles and Cans Domestic   $3.50

Crab Roll   Large/XL                                                    $9.99/11.99                    PBR Pounder             Sam Adams                          

Chicken Salad Sandwich                                              $8.99                              Budweiser                  Sam Summer

Walnut Cranberry Chicken Salad                                 $8.99                              Bud Light                  Mich Ultra

Chicken Breast Sandwich                                             $6.99                              Bud Light Lime         Coors Light

 Steamed Hot dog (red or brown)                                 $5.99                             Non-Alcoholic                        $3.50

 Hamburger/Cheeseburger                                            $6.99/$7.99                    O’Doul’s

Wraps (choice of whole wheat, garlic pesto)                                                    Alternative                              $5.00

                                                                                                                            Mikes Hard Lemonade

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap                                         $7.99                           Twisted Tea

Walnut Cranberry Chicken or Chicken Salad                $8.99                            Jack Daniels Downhome punch

Maine Lobster Wrap                                                       $13.99                          Kahlua Mudslide or White Russian

Maine Crabmeat Wrap                                                    $8.99                              Wines and Champagne

(all sandwiches and wraps come with pickle chips and a choice of pasta salad,          Foxhorn House       

cheese tortellini salad, red bliss potato salad, or cole slaw)                                                                             

Kids meals (Served in a limited edition Bucket with Frisbee top)                    Pepsi Products, Gatorade, Lifewater

Grilled Cheese                                                                             $5.99                                                                          $2.00

PBJ                                                                                   $4.99                           Red Bull                                 $3.50                          

Hot Dog                                                                           $5.99


 Strawberry shortcake                                                      $4.99

Brownie Sundae                                                              $5.99

Ice Cream Sandwich                                                       $1.50

Causeway Special…PBR  draft and Budlight for $1.00 when the bridge is open!

Daily Specials always  On The Causeway, Naples Me   www.tailofthelake.com








Items based on availability
Menu subject to change without notice

Open everyday from noon to 10:00pm

Tail Of The Lake Lobster Co
828 Roosevelt Trail
Naples Maine 04055